Shelter dog ignored by former family — they wanted a new pet

German Shepherd mix Zuzu was left at a temporary animal shelter in Los Angeles. One day soon after that, employees were astonished when she jumped up and ran to the fence with her tail wagging furiously: they'd never seen her look so happy and excited. The reason? Her old family had turned up.

Their four-legged friend was obviously overjoyed to see them. She and the shelter's employees assumed, of course, that they were there to get her. One of them even got out a phone to film what they thought was sure to be a beautiful reunion. But they had a huge surprise in store... 

Zuzu's former owners weren't planning to pick up Zuzu. They were there to look for a new dog! They explained to the stunned animal shelter workers that Zuzu was no longer the cheerful, lively pup they had known. The father of her family had died and Zuzu had been so saddened by the loss, whimpering broken-hearted all the time, that they didn't want her anymore. They planned to exchange her for a different animal. 

It's heartbreaking that some people get dogs without understanding the responsibility. Dogs become a part of the family, not just a thing to keep while it's perfectly convenient, exchanging it for a "better product" later!

But thank goodness for all the people out there who recognize that that's no way to treat a dog. The animal shelter did not allow the family to adopt another pooch. They posted Zuzu's story on Facebook and were very quickly able to place Zuzu at a real rescue home. From there she'll certainly find a permanent new family soon, since the story has spread and touched many thousands of animal lovers all over the world! Zuzu sure deserves all the faithful affection that's coming her way. 


Daily Mail 


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