Switched at birth: 30 years later everyone learns the truth

In 1986, Zoya Tuganova, a 39-year-old woman from Chelyabinsk in Russia was expecting her third child. The pregnancy passed without any serious complications and promptly, on the day of the birth, she checked into the hospital. But what happened there would change her life forever.

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After the exhausting labour, Zoya could finally hold her daughter in her arms. She was entranced by her blonde tuft of hair and her little gray eyes. And then the new mother closed her own eyes for the first time after the effort of the birth. A few hours later she woke up again, but the baby the nurse placed in her arms was not hers. She gave the child back, saying to the nurse, "That is not my daughter!"

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Zoya was absolutely certain that the baby looked nothing like the little girl she had brought into the world just a few hours earlier. It had black hair instead of blonde, and dark eyes instead of gray. The nurse didn't look closely at the baby's face, but insisted the baby was Zoya's daughter. So the mother tried speaking to the doctor in charge, but he didn't take her concerns seriously. The doctor tried to persuade her by using the name tag on the baby's little foot as proof.

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But Zoya couldn't relax and when the doctors threatened to send her to a psychologist, she became frightened. If her employer found out about it, it was possible she could lose her job at the national rail company. Only then did she speak to her husband about her terrible suspicions. He calmed his wife down and persuaded her to take the baby home. "If the doctors say it's ours, it must be," he said.

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Zoya named the little girl Ekaterina and raised her as if she were her own daughter. She grew up in a loving and caring family, but there was no escaping the fact that she did not look like her parents. It was only when Ekaterina was 30 and already had her own family that her mother blurted out her suspicions while they were watching TV together one evening.

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At first the young woman was understandably in shock, but she wanted to solve the mystery together with her mother. Zoya recalled that a woman named Elvira Tuligenova, had also given birth to a daughter at the same time in the same hospital.  The two carried out extensive research, found Elvira's daughter Lyuchiya, and eventually the truth came to light.

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When Elvira came home with "her" daughter Lyuchiya in 1987, her husband accused her of being unfaithful. After this, the couple had separated and Lyuchiya's mother had passed away, meaning that she spent most of her childhood in a children's home. At first the young woman thought it was all a joke, but a DNA test proved it. Lyuchiya was indeed Zoya's biological daughter.

If you want to learn more about this incredible story, you can watch this video (in Russian):

Even doctors can be mistaken, but to force a mother to raise another woman's child just because you cannot admit you made a mistake is inhuman. In the meantime, these three women want to spend a lot of time with each other and leave the past behind. And it's only right to wish them all the very best with that.




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