20-year-old needs operation after sticking a live eel in her vagina

Video blogger Zhang Moumou regularly uploads pornographic content onto "Tiger," a Chinese porno site that's illegal in the country. For her latest live video, the 20-year-old found a particularly bizarre sex toy — she wanted to climax with the help of a live eel! With the camera rolling, she slipped a condom over the struggling fish and inserted it into her vagina. 

Shutterstock/Enrique Arnaiz Lafuente

Those watching her live channel were also witness to the following horrific scenes: scared for its life, the eel tried to escape by burrowing itself deep inside the young woman. She then had to be taken to the hospital for an emergency operation. After cutting her open, doctors found the eel in her abdomen and removed it. 

Though Zhang Moumou survived the operation, her relief was short-lived. The unfortunate pornstar and 21 other video bloggers on the illegal platform are currently being held in custody for breaking strict Chinese anti-pornography laws. 


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