Wife takes incredible care of husband, gets a surprising thank you!

Yin Shan of Taiwan was expecting a perfectly normal day when she kissed her husband goodbye at their apartment door one morning as he left for work. But in the afternoon she got a call that would change the course of their life together: her husband had been in an accident. He was covered with blood, someone explained on the other end of the phone, and was getting taken to the hospital.


Zhao Hong, a traffic police officer in New Taipei City, had been struck by a drunk driver while on duty that fateful June day in 2016. The driver immediately tried to claim that the bright sunlight had blinded her momentarily, causing her to lose control and hit him. But her breath reeked of alcohol, so the real reason was quickly found out.

Zhao Hong’s legs were both crushed. The medical team thought they could only salvage the left leg. He had already slipped into a coma by the time Yin Shan reached the hospital. To save his life, she read a consent form through her tears and signed, giving the doctors permission to amputate his right leg.


From that day, Yin Shan burned the candle at both ends: she worked full time but still took constant care of her husband. She stayed optimistic, encouraging him daily and supporting him through physical therapy. 

"I was so eager to walk again. The first day my prosthetic leg was fitted, I tried rock-climbing at the hospital gym. That was the only moment my wife chided me. She said I should be patient and try going step by step," Zhao Hong recounted with a laugh. He described how hard it was to adjust and how Yin Shan stayed by his side regardless of how tough it got. "If it weren’t for my wife, I couldn’t have surmounted this challenge."


The biggest irony was that while Yin Shan was proving to be an incredible partner, their parents had all been opposed to their marriage. No one in their families welcomed the relationship. So back when Zhao wanted to marry Yin Shan, he didn’t propose romantically as he might have liked to. They didn’t even have a wedding: they just went to city hall together and registered.

Ever since, he had always regretted it.


As Zhao Hong recovered, his colleagues learned about this earlier disappointment. A group of fellow police officers decided to get involved, recruiting some nurses at the hospital to join in. With their help and encouragement, he planned to surprise Yin Shan with a re-do. 


One day she was asked to arrive at the hospital earlier than usual to talk over the therapy program with the nurses. But when she entered the ward, her husband wasn’t there. There was just a tablet on the bed. 


A note on it said she should watch the video he’d made for her. She was confused at first but as she watched, she was overcome by emotion.


In the video Zhao described his appreciation of her support since his accident. He talked about how much he loved her and how glad he was that they got married, despite the disapproval of their families. At the end he invited her to meet him at the hospital’s gym.

She arrived there to find the gym full of balloons, flowers, and musicians playing violin!

Her husband was waiting with a huge bouquet of flowers. In front of everyone, he proposed to her all over, asking if they could start a new, happier phase together and stay married for the rest of their lives.

Everyone present was so moved and delighted.

"After the accident, we witnessed how hard it was to go through all the surgeries, therapy, and pain. And Zhao Hong never got demoralized or gave up. When I saw Yin Shan, I understood why," one of Zhao Hong’s colleagues said. 


What a great partnership these two have, as they themselves have discovered. They had to go through an incredibly tough time, but they sure found the silver lining. Her generosity and commitment is so touching — and so is his appreciation! 


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