Young couple lose weight together before wedding day

Matt and Hannah, a young couple from Warwickshire, England, were happily in love, but did not feel 100% comfortable with their bodies. When the two became engaged, they vowed to lose weight together.  


Matt was working as a chef at the time, which had significantly contributed to his recent weight gain. When he and Hannah decided to join a UK-based weight loss organization, he weighed over 250 pounds.

One year later, before the big day, Matt had successfully lost almost 90 pounds. Hannah also lost 45 pounds. When looking at the photos, you can hardly believe that they are the same people. Even Matt's doctor had a hard time recognizing his patient!

By overhauling their diets, and exercising regularly at the gym, this couple's wedding photos were everything they imagined. 

What an incredible start to a marriage. May Hannah and Matt continue to be healthy and happy together! 


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