19 pics that show just how funny winter can be

Winter: that time of the year when we just want to stay home with a nice warm cup of hot chocolate and get cozy by the fireplace. But winter doesn't have to be so gloomy, especially when we see how it can lead to some very funny situations. Check out these pics that might just change your perspective on this cold and frosty time of year...


Let's hope nobody took this seriously!

"Honey, I think I forgot to put up the car window."


Car on the rocks!

"Sorry officer. I wanted to pay but..."

Were they trying to drive away, or decorate the parking lot with a new design?

That's gonna hurt!
How adrenaline junkies make snow angels.
It's called a "sun roof" not a "snow roof!"
Maybe he can use the door handle as an ice scraper.
Frosty on tour!


This photo gives a whole new meaning to the term "snowballs."

I think I'm seeing double!


This car doesn't have a garage, it has an igloo!


Even cows need to keep warm in winter.

Who needs a beach when you have an ice flow?
That has to be the laziest Husky of all time.
I've seen some deep snow, but this is just ridiculous!

Now that's what I call "snowed in!"
But how do they tell which house is which?


These pics had me in stitches — and I definitely won't be complaining about winter ever again. When you see how deep the snow gets in some of these places, it's clear to see that the winters there are no laughing matter!


Also hefty