Man begs to rescue his dog from the pound

In September of this year, Wilma Price was driving to her home in Huntsville, Texas, when she saw a man standing on the side of the road in dirty, worn-out clothes. He was holding a cardboard sign and Wilma assumed he was asking for money.

But as the traffic ahead of her came to a stop, she was forced to slow down and could better read what was written on the sign:

"Dog in pound. Need help."

Wilma didn't care what the cars behind her might think, she put her hazard lights on and got out of the car. When she asked the man what had happened, he introduced himself as Patrick and told her that he had been put in jail for two days for trespassing on private property. During that time, his dog had been picked up and locked in the pound. Patrick was told he'd need to pay $12o to release him.

Wilma only had about $8 on her and wasn't 100% sure whether she could trust his story, so she drove home. When she got there, she called the pound and asked about Patrick's dog.

The person on the telephone not only verified Patrick's tale, but also reported that the dog had clearly been well cared for and loved when he arrived at the pound. Patrick may be homeless and poor, but he treated his dog well. The $12o fee was necessary to pay for his care over the past days, a rabies shot, and a heart worm test.

Wilma made a quick decision. She returned to the place she had seen Patrick and drove with him to the pound. She paid the fee and watched as "Fred Frederick" the dog jumped into Patrick's arms.

Wilma, who is an animal-lover herself, was deeply moved by Patrick's level of care and respect for his dog even though he has so little himself.

She can't give the pair a roof over their heads, but thankfully she was able to reunite two dear friends, making both happy beyond belief.


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