16 flowers that are sending out seriously mixed signals

In spring, the world around us wakes up. It's as true for people as it is for nature. Depending on where you live, the ground thaws — a little or perhaps a lot. Trees slowly turn green, flowers blossom.

Ah yes, flowers. Funny about them.

Their whole raison d'être is attracting the birds and bees to pollinate them so plants can reproduce. And every spring we get to see the wild and crazy things flowers do to seduce their feathered neighbors or local insects. These 16 very impressive examples must the product of millions of years of evolution. They're also just brazen, flaming nuts! 

1. Hm, this close-up of wheat stalks might make you think of something altogether different.

2. See the little naked guy? 

3. Like a mystical bird appearing from another world...


4. Is it an owl? Is it a nut? Who are you trying to tempt here? 


5. Just like a little baby parrot!

6. A little dove is hiding in the blossom...

7. What happens when a caterpillar and a parakeet have a baby?


8. Gimme a kiss!

9. Nature wants world peace just as much as we do.

10. Look at these little babies in their cradles!

11. Little dancers!


12. Is that a flower or a very cheerful bee?


13. Little skulls shuddering in the breeze — for the zombie birds who think they'll find some brains inside?

14. Ooh, something for the ballet fans...

15. Plants are clearly very jealous of birds, even ducks!

16. The Darth Vader of flora.

It's incredible how much effort plants go to to attract the exact insects, birds, and (apparently) dancers that they want. It's impossible not to have reverence and awe in the face of nature's imagination! Enjoy your spring discoveries this year — nothing too racy, now ;-)




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