17 traditional wedding dresses from around the world

In most Western countries wedding fashion has become fairly modest — most often the bride wears a white dress and the groom wears a suit. Some people might get a bit more adventurous with their wedding styles, but when you see these pics, you'll understand just how tame our Western traditions really are. Compared to India, China, or Romania, our wedding attire is actually quite bland. See for yourself...

1. Ghana

2. Romania


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3. India

4. Pakistan

5. Ethiopia

6. Hawaii

7. Norway


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8. Scotland


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9. Japan


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10. Indonesia


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11. Georgia

12. Yemen

13. Korea


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14. Nigeria

15. Sri Lanka


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16. China


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17. Malaysia

It's really amazing to see the variety of traditional wedding fashion around the world. And you have to admit that some of those colorful dresses are really quite stunning. So if you're heading to the altar soon, maybe you can take some inspiration from these couples and come up with your own unique style that your wedding guests won't soon forget!




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