Last farewell: Horse says goodbye to deceased owner

Wagner Lima from Paraiba, Brazil, died on New Year's Eve in terrible traffic accident at the age of only 34. At his funeral a week later, someone important was there: his beloved horse, Sereno.

Youtube/Inside Edition

Wagner's brother Wando led the dappled grey stallion with the mourners across the cemetery. "The horse meant everything to him," Wando explained. "And it was as if Sereno knew what had happened and wanted to take his leave too." When Sereno arrived at the open hearse where Wagner's coffin was lying, he sniffed it for a long time.

Youtube/Inside Edition

Then he nestled his great head gently over the coffin. The mourning congregation, who knew what a close bond Wagner and Sereno had had, were moved to tears. For the rest of the walk to the burial plot the horse could be heard softly neighing.

Since his brother's death, Wando Lima decided to adopt Wagner's best friend and give him a new home.

Youtube/Inside Edition

You can watch the report on the sad event here:

A heartrending reminder of how much animals feel and perceive, including the animals we bring into our lives and sometimes develop deep bonds with!


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