A matter of taste: Woman models tiny vulvas on her fingernails

Asa Bree has a hobby that she shares with a lot of people: she likes to decorate her fingernails in an artistic way. But now she is using her nails to spread a trend that repels some people while making others laugh. Asa likes to wear tiny recreations of female sex organs on her nails.

Small vulvas are created out of modelling clay, hardener and sometimes small decorative pearls, stuck on the fingernails and finally coated with a layer of varnish.

This type of nail art has become a trend on social media, where photos of these tiny artworks are proudly displayed for all the digital world to see.

The end result is certainly unexpected — how many people are currently wearing miniature genital models on their nails?

However, you have to at least admit that the mini-vulvas are anatomically correct, made with incredible skill, and kind of cute to look at.

Whatever your opinion of these outrageous nails, they're not a permanent feature.

 And when it comes to matters of taste, there's really no reason to fight.


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