Australian mother almost lost her child because of a shopping cart

Australian Vivienne Wardrop simply wanted to go shopping with her 10-month-old son Logan. She had no idea that this shopping trip would turn into an emergency.


It began when she sat her son in the shopping cart. Everything was fine in the store and on the way home. But over the course of the day and into the next, he suddenly started showing signs of illness. “He had diarrhea everywhere. I was trying to give him a bottle and he was vomiting,” Vivienne recalled. Logan became as white as chalk and his condition worsened rapidly. Without hesitating, Vivienne drove to the hospital, where Logan was immediately admitted via the emergency room. The young mother was beside herself with worry and was also confused. What had actually happened?

Logan had lost so many fluids that his veins were in danger of collapsing. With a temperature of 103°, Logan's life was in danger. He was put on intravenous fluids and was carefully watched. Vivienne had brought him in just in the nick of time.

When doctors spoke with her later, it seemed clear that the source of the illness had been the shopping cart. They theorized that due to exposure to raw meat, the baby had contracted salmonella poisoning, as well as adenovirus and rotavirus. The strain on his body was so great, that he also came down with meningitis. He was kept in the hospital for 10 days and it took a further 14 days for his full health to return.

As a result of her harrowing experience, Vivienne feels it's important to share what she has learned about the dangers of lingering food-born bacteria on the surfaces of grocery carts. Just wanted to warn parents against using baby seats in the trolley without wiping down or using a blanket.”

Luckily, Logan is back to his former self. And as a result of what happened to him, perhaps — wet wipes at the ready! — future such cases can be prevented. 


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