Man rescues young girls abducted by dangerous criminal

The world can sometimes be a dangerous place for our children. Sickness and accidents are common concerns, but there's one nightmare scenario that tops most parents' list when it comes the safety of their children: abduction. Unfortunately, it's not possible to keep our children under constant watch, so we have to place trust in those around us. Two mothers from Falkirk, Scotland, were thankful to see their faith in the community repaid. 

Two young girls were playing in the park when a stranger on a bicycle approached them. He told them that he'd lost his jacket in the woods and asked them to help him find it. Believing the man, they began to follow him towards the forest. But the 50-year-old in question was John Bermingham, a convicted sex offender who had previously spent 12 years in prison for molesting children and attempting to rape an 11-year-old girl.  

As the girls followed the man into the woods, a local resident, "Viper" MacDonald, was watching this scene unfold from his window. Unsettled by what he saw, he feared that the girls could be facing imminent danger. He called his son Brandon, 16, and they rushed outside to investigate further. When confronting the man, he shouted over to the girls to run to safety with his wife. He then proceeded to subdue the man and call the police. Upon arrival at the scene, police were met by an imposing figure covered in tattoos (including on his face) and wearing military clothes, holding down a thin, well-dressed man.

It was only then that they realized what a hero Viper had been; his swift and brave action prevented what could have been a horrific crime. The mother of one of the girls expressed her gratitude in a Facebook post which has since gone viral: 

Unfortunately, children can be easily fooled, be it with candy or by different means. That's why we should take action whenever we notice something unusual. Viper has shown that we can all help when we need to, especially when there are children involved. This is why the mother of one of the daughters has sent up a JustGiving page as a way of saying thanks to Viper.

Viper's actions have also shown why you should never judge a book by its cover, don't you think?


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