17 unique tattoos: You'll want to get one right away, or never ever

There are the tattoos of meaningful Taoist sayings in Chinese lettering, a cross, an anchor, or of course the rose with “Mom” scrawled across it. 

Then at the other end of the spectrum there are the true originals. These are about as good as it gets:


Inspired by Banksy:


So gross it’s almost not funny.



Where’s Wally?


This bush needs tiny garden shears…


A very committed basketball fan.

A very creative yet shitty tattoo

A traumatic loss transformed into something beautiful.


Or something hilarious.

Clever tattoo done by one of my facebook friends.

Or just hair loss, made into something funny…


Is there any better use for a fresh scar?

Perfect for a hardcore cat lover.

Or a hardcore chicken-nuggets-with-BBQ-sauce lover.

Beads of sweat — the perfect detail!


A beautiful way to own her body, having fun with what makes her special.

Um, a very committed Pac-Man fan…?


Of all the ways to commemorate mankind’s first visit to the Moon…


The prize for keeping your sense of humor after a terrible loss goes to —


Pretty original body art. If you’re thinking about getting some ink, look online for inspiration. Or simply enjoy the artwork some people decorate themselves with!


Also hefty