Video: Little grandma loses her balance and falls into crib

Valerie Sharp from Huntsville, Alabama takes care of her granddaughter Lola when the child's parents are at work. Valerie is only five feet one inch tall, which makes some aspects of her babysitting job a bit tricky. For example, when she wants to put her 11-month-old granddaughter to bed, she needs to use a footstool so she can reach over the side of the crib. "If I don't use the step stool, my arms are a foot away from the bottom of the crib," she explained. Even though she has successfully used the stool to put little Lola in bed safely many times before, one day things didn't quite go so smoothly...

Just as she was about to place Lola gently down to sleep, Valerie lost her balance and landed upside down in the crib! Luckily, her reflexes kicked in and she rolled off to the side and not onto her baby granddaughter. The fall woke Lola up and it is clear to see that she is quite surprised to find her grandma in bed with her. When Valerie's daughter Nikki Bishop saw the video, she laughed until she cried and decided that she had to share it on Facebook. Since being posted, the video has had over a million views. "Oh my gosh, everybody is looking at my butt!" was the 61-year-old's initial reaction when Nikki told her about posting the video. "I did feel bad it happened, and I am glad we are both okay. But I think people need a good laugh right now." And although it wasn't intentional, she has given many people just that. Thanks, Valerie!




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