Man forgets keys and breaks down door to free his puppy

17-year-old Ty Parker lives in Los Angeles with his puppy, Forrest Gump. They live in a very small apartment, so Ty takes Forrest out for a walk as often as possible to make sure the puppy gets enough exercise, sometimes up to six times a day.

One weekend, Ty went out and left his puppy at home. But when he got back and went to open his front door, he was met with a very unpleasant surprise: he had lost his keys! Ty began to panic. His puppy, Forrest, had been in the apartment alone for nine hours and urgently needed to get outside. Ty didn't hesitate. Instead of waiting for help, he decided to kick down the door himself. 

"My dog heard the noise of the door breaking and kind of freaked out," remembers Ty. "But the second he saw it was dad (me), he just wanted to go for a walk." Ty only found out later that his keys had been found in a Sushi restaurant he had been to earlier in the day. His impulsive action ended up costing him $200 for a new lock and $600 for a new door.

But the dog lover has no regrets and feels that it was worth it — his four-legged friend means more to him than anything else. And Forrest probably agrees wholeheartedly with his owner's priorities.


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