After being stabbed with a screwdriver, this turtle didn't give up

Paul and Diane Tuttle woke up one day in September 2015 to an unusual scene in front of their home in Illinois. An ancient creature was slowly crawling down the street after going through what must have been the most terrible ordeal of her 70 years of life on this earth:

It was a snapping turtle with a screwdriver protruding from her shell; someone had obviously tried to brutally kill her. But despite her serious wounds, the turtle strolled bravely into the couple's backyard, almost as if she knew that this place would offer her salvation. As they approached her, Paul and Diane were shocked to see that the poor animal had also been stabbed in the head.

Although this type of turtle is known to have incredibly strong jaws and a bad temper, the animal did not snap at them and was very calm. The couple decided to call her "Tuttle" (after them) and immediately took her to All Pets Vet Clinic. Tuttle had lost one eye and had a fractured skull and internal injuries caused by the screwdriver.

Tuttle's recovery wasn't quick, but the she wasn't alone either. The clinic contacted Douglas Holmes, a specialist in reptiles and amphibians, and he did not hesitate to take her home with him to monitor her recovery so she wouldn't have to spend the winter alone.

Nine months later Tuttle had made a full recovery and the brave turtle was safely returned to her natural habitat. Tuttle is again free and happy thanks to the wonderful people who took care of her. The monster that inflicted her awful injuries has not yet been found, but authorities are still looking into the matter. It's horrible to imagine that some people can be so cruel to these innocent creatures, but it's also good to know that there are many more who are willing to help them and care for them when they need it most. If Tuttle hadn't been able to go back to her real home, I probably would have adopted her myself! Nice to meet you, Tuttle!


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