Man frees turtle from bottle stuck to its shell

Human ignorance and carelessness is a constant threat to our environment and that's bad enough. But when someone inflicts pain on a harmless animal "just for fun," it shows how unbelievably heartless and cruel people can be.

While out fishing in November 2016, Kuo Lung Liao from Taiwan noticed an empty bottle floating in the water. This wasn't an uncommon sight, but the unusual thing about this bottle was that it was moving steadily against the current towards him.

Kuo was curious, so he fished the plastic bottle out of the water. But he wasn't prepared for what he saw next — stuck to the bottle was a living turtle! Someone had used silicon to attach the bottle to the turtle's shell. This had made it impossible for the turtle to submerge deep into the water and the poor animal was now overgrown with moss.

The young man was furious as he carefully removed the plastic bottle from the turtle's shell. How could someone do such a thing to a defenseless animal?

Kuo Lung Liao put the turtle back in the water and watched in relief as it swam away and — finally free from its horrible ballast — disappeared under the surface.

It was an incredibly cruel prank to pull on a harmless creature, but at least the story had a happy ending. Thanks to Kuo Lung Liao's help this turtle was freed from its torture and can now hopefully live out the rest of its life in peace.




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