Transsexual man gives birth to healthy child after miscarriage agony

Married couple Trystan Reese and Biff Chaplow had to fight long and hard to be able to show their love for one another. Life was particularly tough for Trystan, who was bullied and marginalized over many years for being a transsexual. However, the couple from Portland, Oregon, were dealt their biggest blow in the summer of 2016.

It was at this time that Trystan lost his unborn child. The couple were full of hope and joy for six weeks until Trystan suffered a tragic miscarriage. After adopting two children, it was both men's dream to have a biological child together. However, this was taken away from them in the cruelest of ways.

One year later, the two dads were ready to try again. This time, the couple took every precaution and worked hard with the doctors, as they didn't want another attempt to end in bitter tragedy. While Trystan stopped taking male hormones, doctors accompanied them every step of the way. Trystan soon announced that he was pregnant!

During the pregnancy, both parents became obsessive about everything to do with the baby. Trystan weighed himself every week, noting down any important detail. The couple called the doctors ahead to let them know in advance how they would be treating a pregnant trans-dad.

Trystan and Biff are often confronted by people who are surprised that a man can be pregnant. That's why Trystan hid his bump under clothing when in public and only proudly showed it off at work. However, the doctors showed no transphobia and treated them professionally.

On 14 July, the time had come: Trystan naturally gave birth to a healthy baby boy named Leo. The bright-eyed little angel weighed in at 9 lbs, and was instantly adored by his two overjoyed fathers.

Trystan has been doing well since the birth, as the two proud dads announced on Facebook. We wish them all the best for the future!


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