Father uses fake kid to get candy from his neighbors

It’s the kind of thing you expect to see when the doorbell rings and you open the door on Halloween: a child in a costume with a big bag ready to be filled with candy and a patient, loving father waiting in the background. And that’s exactly what the people in this video thought they were dealing with. But as you’ll see, they couldn’t have been more wrong…

Tom Mabe is a comedian from Louisville, Kentucky and this year he decided to do something a little different to celebrate the scariest day of the year. As part of his “Mabe in America” series, Tom wanted to see if he could fool some of the locals by going trick-or-treating with a fake kid, and judging by their reactions it looks like he was successful. But was it really just a prank or some elaborate scheme that Tom came up with to get some Halloween candy for himself? You be the judge!


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