Woman finds living coyote trapped in her car's grille

An accident involving a wild animal running out in front of the car can have severe consequences — even when nothing happens to those in the vehicle.

Georgie Knox from Calgary was driving on a dark highway when a small animal suddenly darted out in front of her. With no time to brake, she soon felt something collide against her front bumper.

The impact was heavy, so Georgie initially believed that she had killed the animal. Though shaken by the experience, she didn't think there was anything she could do and continued her 20-mile journey to work. On the way, a construction worker knocked on her window while she was stopped at a traffic light. The woman asked Georgie to step out of the vehicle and take a look at her radiator grille.

There she saw a coyote trapped between the metal mesh in the grille. The animal was still alive and even seemed to have escaped serious injury.

Not knowing how to help the coyote out of its predicament, Georgie called the emergency services and was put in touch with Alberta's Fish and Wildlife Enforcement. Fortunately, officers were nearby and quickly arrived at the scene.

After being carefully removed from the radiator grille, the young coyote was thoroughly checked over by a vet. The animal was extremely fortunate to escape with only a few bumps and bruises.

The wildlife enforcement officers took the coyote with them and released it back into the wild a few miles away.

"Clearly mother nature has other plans for this special little guy!" wrote a relieved Georgie on her Facebook page.

What a lucky escape for the little coyote. Hopefully, he'll be more careful when he's next crossing the road.




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