Trapdoor spider species has beautiful pattern on its back

If you're digging up your garden and see something that resembles an antique coin with an intricate pattern on it, you should take a closer look before picking it up — at least if you live in the USA, Canada, Mexico, Thailand or China ...


Because what looks like a pretty coin or Oreo cookie might have a problem with someone suddenly dragging it out of its home.

These so-called trapdoor spiders construct burrows with a cork-like trapdoor made of soil, vegetation and silk. 

The spiders lay out small traps made of silk around their trapdoors, and when prey such as insects disturb the 'trip' lines, the spider is alerted to its meal within reach. It detects its prey by the vibrations and jumps out when it is close enough.

The reason behind the pretty pattern is not quite clear — but it's most certainly fascinating enough to want to approach it.


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