Record breaking: Man didn't cut his hair for 50 years

This man's magnificent head of hair lived under a huge scarf. He couldn't even take it down by himself, he needed his wife's help. Tran Van Hay, from Vietnam, is known around the world for his remarkable hair, comprising a 22-foot long and 23 lb dreadlock.

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He didn't cut his hair for more than 50 years. But that's not the whole story — he also didn't wash it for more than 11 years.

Tran Van Hay stopped cutting his hair after a traumatic experience he had as a young adult. When he was 25, he got very sick after going to the barbershop. The experience was so shocking that he developed a serious fear of getting his hair cut.

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Since his hair kept getting longer and longer over the years, he decided to get it dreaded. He mostly wore it wrapped up in a large scarf atop his head.

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His extreme hair forced him to give up his profession as a farmer. The weight of his hair started causing him problems with his balance, limiting his daily activities.

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According to his wife Nyguen, his entire personality and priorities in life also changed as his hair continued to grow. He felt increasingly drawn to Buddhism and the local monks inspired him to start working as a natural healer, relieving his neighbors of their health issues. He did all his healing work on a voluntary basis.

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Even though his hair was three feet longer than that of Hoo Sateow, the Guinness World Record holder from Thailand, he never officially submitted an entry. Tran Van passed away in 2010 at the age of 79. He never parted from his wild hair.


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