Fire department called after date goes embarrassingly wrong

Meeting up on a date with a stranger can quickly become an embarrassing situation — especially if you have a sensitive stomach or gastric problems.

Liam Smyth from Bristol, England, has quite a spectacular story about the pitfalls of dating. It happened when the 24-year-old met a woman he got to know on Tinder at his apartment.

Everything was going smoothly until his date disappeared to the bathroom. When she returned, the drama unfolded.

Panicked, she told Liam that something bad had happened. For some reason, she hadn't been able to flush the toilet. Not wanting to leave her "business" in the bowl, she instead opted for a rather desperate measure. Using toilet paper, she picked up the offending articles from the bowl and threw them out of the bathroom window's fanlight.

However, the young woman had made a huge misjudgment by not seeing that Liam's window had two panes of glass. Instead of landing outside in the courtyard, the tissue-wrapped bundle ended up in the gap between the two panes of glass.

Despite what had already happened, the woman was determined to rescue the situation. After returning to bathroom, she started climbing through the fanlight as the lower part of the window couldn't be opened — she was intent on grabbing the stool and lifting it up through the gap between the windows.

At this point, she thought the evening couldn't get any worse for her, but she was wrong. Now stuck upside down in the small window, she could no longer climb back out. Though Liam came to her aid, he wasn't able to get her out.

In the end, both had to give up and Liam called the fire department to rescue his date from this most peculiar of predicaments.

So whenever you find yourself cringing about your most embarrassing date, just think of Liam's incredible story and it'll no longer seem so bad!


The Sun


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