28-year-old Romanian paints fetus with the blood from her period

28-year-old Timea Páll lives in the Romanian city of Oradea with her beloved Border Collie, Figaro, and works as a designer, musician, and artist. She gained much broader attention for her work recently after creating a series of paintings using very special materials...

You might not believe it but she created the large image of a fetus from nine individual pieces, all painted with her own blood. Her menstrual blood. For the whole work, entitled "Diary of my Period," she needed nine months, one part for each month. 

With the image of a fetus the artist isn't focusing our attention so much on the blood as on menstruation itself. "The periodic elimination of my ovum with my menstrual flow inspired me to give birth to something which has a biological end and to create the start of the end," she wrote. 

It wasn't an accident that her creative process took nine months, as she transformed the monthly non-baby into a different creation — in fact, a different kind of reproduction, emerging from her artistic pregnancy. 

Public reaction to her piece has been, as she herself acknowledges, divided. The period blood has split opinion, with some critics finding it disturbing, disgusting, and a little crazy, while many others are extremely enthusiastic. Fans find it emotionally powerful, motivating, original and imaginative.

When you stop and think about it, half of the human population experiences this monthly bleeding so Timea's choice to embrace it proudly could be a positive step for everyone: no need to be ashamed of something that's completely natural!





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