Inspiring: Three Muslim schoolgirls form a thrash metal band

In Indonesia in 2014, a very special Metal band was formed: three young Muslim girls, Firdda Kurnia, Eusti Siti Aisyah and Widi Rahmawati formed a musical trio that caused quite a stir in their homeland of West Java. Wearing hijabs, the young girls have already successfully performed in public before a considerable audience. With their music, they want to send a message to all young girls.

"I think what we want to say to the young women of Indonesia is, don't be afraid of being different," says Firdda, the founder, singer and guitarist of the group. "Don't be afraid to shout your independence."

Firdda explains that she would like to break down stereotypes about Muslims and discover her own creativity. She really wants to show that it's totally normal to play in a metal band, both as a woman and a Muslim, without neglecting her religion.

Firdda, Eusi and Widi are musically oriented towards bands like Slipknot, Rage Against the Machine or Lamb of God — they are also some of Firdda's favorite bands. The girls have already covered many songs by the groups they consider their role models.

The band "Voice of Baceprot" — shortened to "VoB", which means "noisy" in the local Sundanese language — came to metal through their music teacher Erza Satia, who has since become their manager.

"Many people think metal music is satanic but we are showing that there is a different shade, a different side to the music," explains Erza. He believes that Metal represents a constructive and creative opportunity to divert schoolchildren and students away from drugs and pre-martial sex.

But not everyone in West Java supports this idea. The parents of the three girls were not enthusiastic to begin with and the girls themselves have received hate mail and death threats. One concert was also sabotaged and obstructed by religious leaders.

Nevertheless, they haven't let that distract them and they've carried on making their music. Not only have Voice of Baceprot played on national television in Indonesia, the three girls also have several thousand fans on social media.

In the following video, you can hear a studio recording of the three young rockers:

Eusi, the drummer, explains that her mother was concerned to begin with, but things have changed since then. Now she watches with pride when her daughter appears on TV. The more famous the band gets, the more the support from their family, friends and acquaintances grows. We wish these talented girls great success... Keep on rockin'!


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