Groundbreaking: The life of the first pregnant man

Thomas Beatie from Honolulu has lived a life like no one else's. We can safely say that this trans man has done things that no one in the history of humanity has ever done before.

At the beginning of this millennium, Thomas was legally recognized as a man. In the previous decade, he had hormone therapy and surgery to alter his appearance. In 2003, a year after the recognition of his official gender, he married a woman, Nancy Beatie.


Up to this point, Thomas's story was a little different from most people's, but not unique. But in 2007, the couple made headlines around the world when Thomas became the first trans man to become pregnant. The couple wanted children and Nancy was unable to conceive after a hysterectomy. So, Thomas became pregnant by artificial insemination.


He had to stop taking male hormones in order to successfully conceive in his own womb. The couple would later welcome their daughter Susan into the world.

And they didn't stop there. In 2009 and 2010, Thomas had two more pregnancies, giving birth to two healthy sons. But the joy of the children's arrivals was overshadowed by relationship problems. Nancy and Thomas wanted to get divorced. By 2012, the couple had separated.

Their attempts to finalize the separation ignited a legal dispute — the judge responsible for the decision refused to allow the divorce. In his opinion, Thomas was a woman — because of his internal female sex organs — like his wife. Therefore, theirs was not a heterosexual relationship, and therefore not permitted by the State of Arizona. He said the marriage wasn't legal, so a divorce couldn't be granted.

Following lengthy court proceedings, in 2014, the Arizona Court of Appeals ruled that Nancy and Thomas's 2003 marriage in Hawaii did not count as a same-sex union, so they could now be granted a divorce. The ruling meant Thomas was free to marry his new girlfriend, who works at his children's school.

For more on how Thomas began his groundbreaking family, you can watch the video below:

Thomas has certainly spent his life breaking down barriers and has sometimes received a lot of criticism for it. However, his main goal is now to provide his children with a loving and stable environment, and we wish the whole family every success.


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