After terminal cancer diagnosis, young mother prepares for the future

Savannah Morgan was still just a teenager when she had her daughter, but she was hugely dedicated to motherhood. As fate would have it, Hannah would be her only child: Savannah was diagnosed with cancer when Hannah was just four years old.  


They were a great team.


But after a strangely-long spell of nausea, Savannah received the shocking, grim diagnosis. Her cancer was terminal, stage 4 ovarian. 


Her doctors told her it could just be a few weeks. For Savannah, it was heartbreaking — as you can imagine.

But for Hannah, it was unthinkable. A four-year-old can't begin to understand a situation like this. 


Savannah decided to do everything she could possibly do as Hannah's mother, before time ran out. They would spend all their time together. They would fulfill Hannah's dream of going to Disney World too. 


The young mother started a fundraising campaign because she didn't have enough in the bank to afford it, and no relatives to ask for help. Overcome by their story people from all over the place donated money. Soon there was well over the amount she'd aimed for. The rest, she announced, would go toward Hannah's college fund. 


They had an amazing time at Disney World. Savannah knew that the memories wouldn't be enough though. 


She prepared cards for her daughter, for all her upcoming birthdays and future wedding (should she get married), so that Hannah will feel her mother's love and presence throughout her life. 


It's a heartbreaking tragedy for someone so young to die — and leave behind a small child. But Savannah's strength in confronting the situation was simply extraordinary. She truly made the best of the time that remained for her. Her last act was to persuade her closest friends to adopt Hannah after she was gone.

The friends were scared to take on the responsibility, but decided to go for it. Savannah passed away soon after that, and the adoption finally became official in the fall of 2016.

But the ray of sunshine in Hannah's life is that around the same time, she got a new little sister. And you know her amazing late mother Savannah would be so happy for her. 




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