Children are asked to define love

A group of experts asked children ages four to eight a very simple question: what is love?

The answers that they received are more profound than they could have ever expected.

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“When my grandma suddenly got arthritis, she couldn’t reach her feet to paint her toesies. So my grandpa did that every day for her. And he had arthritis in his hands. THAT is love!” - Rebecca, 8 years old

“When you are loved, it sounds different when someone says your name. You just know that your name feels good in their mouth.” - Billy, 4 years old

“Love is what makes you smile. Even if you are super duper tired!" - Terri, 4 years old


“Love is when my dad makes coffee for my other dad and then takes a sip to see if it tastes good.” - Danny, 7 years old

“Love is when you can’t stop kissing. And when you get tired from all the kissing, you still want to be together. Then you start talking. My parents are just like that. But it looks so strange when they kiss!" - Emily, 8 years old

“Love is what is in the air when you stop opening your presents on Christmas. Listen closely!” - Bobby, 7 years old

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“When you want to learn how to love better, then start with the people you already have.” - Nikka, 6 years old

“Love is when you say 'Your shirt is so cool!' Even if he wears it every day.” - Noelle, 7 years old

“Love is like a tiny old lady and a little old man that are still friends. Even when they have known each other forever!” - Tommy, 6 years old

“I had a piano recital and I was super scared. Then I looked at all the strange faces in the audience. But there was daddy's! He waved and smiled. He was the only one did that. I wasn’t scared anymore!” - Cindy, 8 years old

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“Love is when your dad puts the best piece of chicken on mom's plate and smiles.” - Elaine, 5 years old

“Love is when my dad comes home all sweaty and stinky from jogging and my mom says that he is 1000 times handsomer than Georgie Schmoozie or whatever his name is…” - Chris, 7 years old

“I know that my sister loves me so much because she gives me her old clothes and then she has to go buy new ones.” - Lauren, 4 years old

“When you’re REALLY in love you bat your eyelashes so fast you see stars.” - Karen, 7 years old

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“Love is when mom and dad walk in on each other on the potty and don’t find it gross!” - Mark, 6 years old

“Never say I LOVE YOU when you don’t mean it! But when you really mean it you have to say it OVER AND OVER. Don’t forget to!” - Jessica, 8 years old

“Love is when your puppy friend licks you ALL OVER even when you leave him home alone all day.” - Mary-Ann, 4 years old

These children certainly have some wisdom to share! Love remains the most beautiful and important thing on Earth. May we live our lives surrounded by it. 



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