Family photo includes twins that passed away as infants

Katy and Justin Patten were beside themselves with joy when they discovered they were pregnant with twins back in 2011.

But things didn't quite go as planned. During Katy's 23rd week of pregnancy she began having contractions. Their twin boys, Aiden and Gavin, were born premature and passed away just days after coming into the world.


Katy and Justin were saddled with grief; they knew they could never forget their sons. Once their hearts had healed, the couple decided to try again. Little Ava was born a few years later and Guiliana followed three years after that.


Katy was overjoyed with her daughters. She decided to get family photos taken so they'd have memories of their daughters as little ones. Photographer Linda Gittins agreed to do a photo shoot with the family. However, during the shoot, Katy got a heavy heart.


She started thinking about her sweet twin boys, wishing they could be there sharing in the family moment. Katy and Justin wanted to make sure their daughters knew they had two older brothers watching over them as guardian angels.


So, they asked their photographer to add their sons to a photo during the editing process. The shadows that were added were based off a neighbor who was the same age as the twins would've been. Katy and Justin got goosebumps when they saw the finished image.


This wonderful family portrait now hangs above the mantle in the Patten home. Every day they are reminded of the two special boys in their life. What a touching image!


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