11 moving photographs of babies being born

Warning: This article contains images that some readers may find disturbing.

Whether it was an uncomplicated pregnancy or not, an easy labor (usually not!), a vaginal delivery or a surgical birth, the moment a child comes into the world is always full of wonder. A lot of people who’ve never seen a birth are curious about what it looks like.

Since the incredible spread of technology like smartphones, some people have chosen to photograph or videotape the birth of their child in order to fill in this gap and allow others to experience the awesome event with them.

The results? Moving, funny, deeply intimate images — and always unforgettable.

1. Strrrrretch…

2. Upside down…

3. A well-earned hug.

4. Just a little more effort…!

5. Cut the cord? I have my own methods!

6. Mom is finishing the job.

7. Tears of joy.

8. A family affair...

9. I’ve got you, sweetheart!

10. Becoming one with nature.

11. Heart to heart.

These pictures will catch your attention, at the very least. It’s amazing to see this event being lived by so many different people, the same and yet completely unique each time. Spontaneous, personal images, so full of love.

What will the babies think of them once they grow up? One thing is for sure: the miracle of life will never cease to amaze us!


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