23 good reasons to thank your mom

When's the last time you thanked your mom? Not on Mother's Day or her birthday, but just because. Moms deserve a big thanks for all those things they teach their daughters - and sons - every day that accompany them throughout the rest of their lives.


Mom, this is why I am thankful to you:

1. "You're so beautiful. Did you know that?"

Thank you for being the first person to call us beautiful and making us feel like we could conquer the world.

2. Unconditional love

Thank you for falling in love with us the minute you held us in your arms.

3. Mom's cooking

Thank you for cooking the BEST home-cooked meals and teaching us your most sacred family recipes.


4. Boy/Girl warnings

Thank you for warning us about the world of dating (even though we didn't listen).

5. Mending broken hearts

Thank you for picking up the pieces and sewing them back together when our hearts got broken.

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6. The family rock

Thank you for being the rock in the family. We couldn't function without you.

7. True love

Thank you for being the most lovable human being we know. We might have wiped away your wet kisses when we were young, but we cherished them more than you thought.


8. Personal therapist

Thank you for saying, "Everything's going to be alright," when we needed to hear it most.

9. Showing us the ropes

Thank you for introducing us to parenthood and encouraging us to be the best parents we could be even though we had no clue. Parenthood wouldn't be half as easy without you.

10. Strength

Thank you for being stronger than strength itself. How you do it all - we don't know.

11. Encouragement

Thank you for being the proudest mom a kid could ask for.

12. Tolerance and patience

Thank you for forgiving us for being awful when we were young. Years of puberty? They weren't easy for anyone.


13. Role model

Thank for being our first role model. If we could pick a role model now, it'd still be you.

14. No judgements

Thank you for allowing us to still be your child — no matter our age or status. We can always count on you.


15. Helping us grow

Thank you for letting us make our own mistakes and teaching us to be our own person.

16. Mending clothes and feelings

Thank you for being our on-call seamstress and the solver-of-all.


17. A dear friendship

Thank you for being the greatest best friend a kid could ask for.

18. Loving Dad

Thank you for putting up with Dad. Yeah, you know.


19. Girl power

Thank you for showing us that women deserve to be treated with respect and that being a strong female doesn't make you less feminine.

20. Personal stylist

Thank you for being our first stylist and teacher of everything to do with personal hygiene.

21. Birth

Thank you for giving birth to us (Dad deserves a thank you too).


22. Selflessness

Thank you for putting our needs before yours, waking us up for school, cooking us breakfast, helping us with homework, dropping us off at sports practice, and picking us up late on Friday nights. Thank you for juggling 100,000 things and still showing up with a smile.

23. Inspiration

Thank you for being the person/mother we'll always wish we could be, but probably will never live up to. You're truly an amazing human.


This list only scratches the surface of the things our moms do for us, but it's at least a step in the right direction to send your mom a big thank you. Every mom deserves it and will surely receive it with a smile.


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