Couple fall victim to thief while taking vacation photos

All tourists know that they should keep a close eye on their personal belongings. But sometimes the relaxing environment of a vacation destination can lull us into a false sense of security. We forget, let down our guard for just a moment, and the next thing we know we've had something stolen. That's exactly what happened to this couple while on vacation in Thailand. A Reddit user shared this pic that he took of his friend with two little girls in traditional dress, smiling and holding her hand. Looks harmless enough, right? Think again!


When they arrived home from their vacation the couple took a closer look at the photos and noticed something unbelievable: the watch that had gone missing during the trip was obviously stolen while they took this photo. Who would have thought that this cute little girl was actually a pickpocket?!


The woman's friend posted the pic on Reddit with this warning: "Look at how the thief is touching her hand in different places. This is a trick that many pickpockets use. The victim feels connected to the thief and his or her brain can't register all of the contact points."

Flickr/Dan Cunningham

Other users shared their opinions and personal experiences. Some were relieved to find out that they had been at that exact location but had chosen not to take any photos with the innocent-looking girls. Others told their stories about having things stolen in situations where you would least expect it. Obviously you can't trust anyone, especially when you're a tourist. So remember: always keep a close eye on your valuables and be sure to keep your handbags and backpacks closed at all times.



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