Woman dies posting selfie on Facebook while driving

32-year-old Courtney Ann Sanford of North Carolina was driving to work when she heard a song she loved. She held two university degrees and was studying for a third, hoping to work in the healthcare industry.


After singing along to the song for awhile (Pharrell Williams’s “Happy”) she decided to take a selfie and post it online to share the moment with the world. 

At 8:33 a.m. she typed and clicked (“The happy song makes me HAPPY!”) but what her friends scrolling through Facebook and “liking” the post didn’t know was that at 8:34 she lost control of her car, sped across the median, and slammed into an enormous truck. In a split second, it was over. She died instantly.

An eye-witness called an ambulance but it was too late. The fatal post gave people all over the country pause: it happens that fast. Texting while driving, or doing anything else with your device, is incredibly common and equally dangerous. 

If she’d hit another car instead of the truck there would have been more casualties — it could easily have been a car full of children being driven to school.


It was a tragic loss for her family and friends. While they lost a vibrant young woman who should have had so much life ahead of her, Courtney's death is a tragic reminder that if we want to take a selfie or send a text, we should wait until we're in a situation that is safe.

Post later. Text later. It’s not worth your or someone else’s life. 




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