Abuse? Russian tattooist under fire for nonconsensual art... on a cat

Getting tattoos is a very personal decision that no one has to justify — as long as you're a person and you get permanently inked of your own free will. But a tattoo artist named Aleksandr from Yekaterinburg, Russia, had to swallow some pretty harsh criticism recently after he put not an adult customer under the gun, rather... his cat. 

Aleksandr sedated his bald sphynx cat "Demon" and proceeded to cover the defenseless animal with large-scale pictures.

For motifs Aleksandr chose images considered "gangster" tattoos in Russia: a prison tower, a woman, and a cigarette.  

He shared pictures of the procedure on Facebook and that's when all hell broke loose: numerous viewers wrote angry comments and animal rights activist Yelizaveta Skorynina accused him of serious abuse. 

Yelizaveta explained that sphynx cats' skin is particularly sensitive and in addition, the type of non-veterinary sedative he used poses a big risk to such a small animal. She called the whole thing cruel and unnecessary.

Aleksandr took the criticism to heart and explained himself. "Of course I'm sorry for Demon, since it's not as if he wanted it. He does have a different skin than humans so tattoos have to be applied differently. I hope it isn't too bad for him. It's not his first tattoo and normally he's felt fine afterwards, recovering quickly from the anesthetic."

What do you think? Should he have been more careful with his pet and respected Demon's bodily integrity — or, since the cat seems fine now, no harm done?


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