Finally: Taiwan makes eating of dogs and cats illegal

The Taiwanese Parliament has passed a law that prohibits the consumption, possession and sale of dog and cat meat. Anyone who breaks the law will face a fine of up to 250,000 Taiwanese dollars (approximately $8,200).

Despite mounting protests, dog meat has remained a popular delicacy in Taiwan with many believing that it has a positive effect on male potency. In 2001, animal rights activists were able to convince legislators to ban the slaughter of dogs and cats, but the meat was still legally available and eating it was not prohibited.

However, the tide of public opinion reached a critical point last year when a very disturbing video showed three Taiwanese soldiers laughing as they tortured a dog and finally strangled it to death with an iron bar. The protests that erupted were so strong that the government was forced to act. A new animal protection bill was quickly drafted and recently was passed into law.

Critics of the reform find it unfair that the new law only protects animals — cats and dogs — that are considered "adorable" and "sweet" and ignores the plight of many other animals that also deserve protection. What do you think?


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