108-year-old ran out of savings and can't pay for assisted living

Sixty-seven-year-old Susan Hatfield’s mom Carrie is still around, and still full of life and energy at the age of 108. Carrie has four grandchildren, including Susan’s kids, and six great-grandchildren.

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Carrie lived a peaceful life, mostly at home with children in the house she and her husband built in 1935. When her husband died in 1995 she remained there, still active and spirited as ever.  


But when she reached the impressive age of 105 she wasn’t able to manage independently at home so she moved into assisted living.

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She had some savings left and Medicaid could theoretically help. Together that should have allowed her to live to the end of her days at the Ohio facility. But three years later at 108, Carrie had outlived her assets. 

Then it turned out that the place she lived didn’t accept Medicaid. If she couldn’t come up with funds to continue paying the fees, she would be evicted. 

All the staff at the home were heartbroken at the idea of losing Carrie and she was so well there that the idea of moving — and where to? — was dismal. But even more, the stresses of moving (and again so soon) could be a death knell for someone that elderly.

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And that’s where Susan stepped in. She had heard about gofundme campaigns and decided to start one for her mom. Carrie had made it this far: her family couldn’t let it all culminate with her life upended and her health threatened by eviction. 

Susan explained, “Moving her now would be devastating to her. I appreciate that we have the option of a Medicaid-approved facility as a last resort but I want to do everything possible to avoid that for my mother.” 

When they’d raised $10,000 of the needed $40,000, news outlets heard about the case. “My mom has always said the Lord will take care of her,” she told a reporter. “I just hope the Lord isn’t above working through GoFundMe.”

Sharing the request on Facebook and other social media, then with the additional help of news coverage, generous souls from all over the country heard about Carrie and contributed. They reached their goal to pay for the next year of fees and surpassed it! They will be donating any leftover funds to Carrie’s church in her honor.

Youtube/NBC4 Columbus

With a some good luck and a great attitude towards life, Carrie arrived at this extraordinary age healthy and happy. “She’s been into natural foods since way back in the 1950s and has always had a positive outlook,” Susan recounted. “She’s still very engaged with life: she doesn’t watch things, she does them.”

Check out the sweet video of her 108th birthday party:

Carrie has clearly inspired many and when she needed help, she was fortunate to find it. Goodness like hers is contagious, and it's a good thing! 





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