Mother makes a little on the side with daring photos

Summers VonHesse from Fallon, Nevada, is happily married and a proud mom of two young children. Now she has unexpectedly become an online star after finding a rather unconventional way to support her family.


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It all started last fall when Summers initially uploaded racy photos of herself on the internet for her own pleasure; the 30-year-old is proud of every stretch mark from her pregnancies and feels comfortable in her own skin.


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With her pictures soon gaining immense popularity and her page attracting over 100,000 fans, Summers decided to put her new-found fame to good use.

Fans can make donations between $5 and $50 on her page to gain access to more explicit images of Summers. This has allowed her to earn some extra money on the side — an enormous help to her small family.


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The photos are taken by Summers' husband, who is fully behind her lucrative hobby. It originally started as a project to boost Summers' self-confidence, as she no longer felt attractive following the birth of her second child; the images were a means of helping her learn to love herself again.


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She now shows off everything that makes her body unique — and her fans love her for it.

"The human body is a beautiful thing, and there is nothing to be ashamed of," Summers said.

Her site currently has more than 800 regular subscribers and takes in around $14,000 per month. Summers wants to use the money to fulfill one of her life's dreams: setting up a sanctuary for abused and abandoned horses. An idea that was initially a pipe dream could now become reality thanks to the extra cash flow from the site.


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Though the revealing pictures have attracted some sharp criticism from some quarters, it's up to her who she shows them to. And with the help of her partner, she has found a way to love her own body again.


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