A woman finds a suitcase full of kittens on the street

As she went to work in the morning, a nurse in Essex, England, noticed a suitcase in the street. Her intuition told her to open it. When she did, she got a huge but touching surprise.


In the suitcase were no fewer than 15 tiny kittens, all between three and five weeks old.

Whoever abandoned them must have wanted them to survive, if possible, since they'd punctured the suitcase to create breathing holes for the helpless little kitties. And the luggage was left near a well-known animal welfare center called Cats Protection, Hornchurch & District.

That's where the nurse took the babies the moment she discovered them. 

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Alison Gamble, an employee at the shelter, took them in: "Although they were all alive and in fairly good condition, they were clearly far too young to be away from their mothers." She believes the suitcase contained three different litters.

Since the kittens weren't entirely weaned they need to be fed individually so they won’t develop nutritional deficiencies or attachment problems.

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"Either someone's own cats had been breeding out of control, or someone had been trying to breed kittens for profit — we'll never know the full story here," says Alison Gambles.  

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Fortunately the center was able to take care of them so well that they'll all surely be adopted quickly. For now though they're too young and fragile to leave before they receive enough individualized care.  

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"Six of them had obvious cases of eye infection and although the others seem okay for now, we will need to closely monitor them."

Alison's conclusion was simple: "Our concerns now are about these mother cats who are most likely pregnant again by now. We are pleading with all cat owners to have both male and female cats and kittens neutered."

This adorable video tells the whole story:

As cute and sweet as kittens always are, overpopulation isn't good for cats or us. Shelters fill up quickly, and not everyone can get adopted. If you have outdoor pets at home, be sure to get them neutered!


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