Cat makes owner aware of tumor in her shoulder

Tom is a small, black-white patterned street cat. When he was a baby, he waited outside Sue McKenzie's door in the rain. Her husband didn't want to let the animal in. Sue did it anyways and gave him a slice of corned beef. Since then Tom has lived with her. But 20 years later she will be unbelievably thankful for this one day!


Sue likes Tom's independent and distanced disposition. He rarely searches for contact with humans and is much more at home in the wild. But one day his behavior changes radically.


On this day he follows the 64-year-old woman everywhere. Something stranger happens when Sue sits down! The cat jumps on her immediately and keeps tapping with his paws on her right shoulder, and on the neck while meowing.


Sue begins to worry about her furry friend and takes him to the vet after two weeks of his annoying new habit. But the vet finds nothing wrong with Tom. He is as fit as a fiddle. Later when back at home, he continues his strange behavior.


Suddenly a light bulb goes off in Sue's head. Maybe Tom is trying to tell her something? She touches her shoulder and feels a lump. Sue then goes to her doctor and he sends her directly to the hospital. There the doctors diagnose her with Hodgkin's lymphoma. She has a tumor in her shoulder!


She is operated on and has to undergo chemotherapy. One year later they can tell the grandmother of two that her cancer has gone! "I really have to thank Tom," she says, "but he just isn't in the mood — he returned to his old distanced behavior and leaves me alone now."


Pets are often an owner's whole world. But who can claim that their cat saved their lives? If Tom's heroic deed also made you smile, then share the story with everyone that you know!


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