Video: After being harassed on the street, bicyclist gets revenge

A motorcyclist with a helmet-cam recorded this incredible scene: a young woman riding a bike arrived at a red light while a white van full of construction workers pulled up next to her. One of the men leaned out of the window and started harassing her.

Before the motorcyclist could do anything, the light turned green and the van sped away. But he hadn't counted on what the bicyclist would do next: 

She rode like the wind following the van and when it came to a stop at the next street, the woman summarily ripped the side-view mirror off the van. The men in the van were dumbfounded. "That's exactly what you deserve, you scum!" shouted the motorcyclist into the van as he passed. 

Maybe the harasser learned his lesson: women also have the right to go about their lives without being constantly sexualized and treated as an available object of desire. Even if he didn't though, he learned that some women aren't going to take it lying down! ;-)




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