Weird fish: Fishermen pull in scary catch

In the depths of the ocean, there are some extremely bizarre creatures that wouldn't be out of place in your worst nightmares. It's no wonder that these animals look so strange to us, as the conditions thousands of feet below the sea are much different to those on dry land.

However, creatures like these are also sometimes found lurking in shallower waters. Fishermen off the coast of Mexico recently found a rather fine specimen that could feature in the next big horror movie.

Nobody on board could say what this animal was or whether it was even a fish at all.

The strange creature had coarse skin, three rows of tiny teeth, and three gill slits on each side of its head.

The shocked fishermen called it an "alien fish."

Marine biologists have since identified the pink-colored creature as an extremely rare albino swellshark.

Swellsharks are a subgenus of the catshark family. When they feel threatened, they pump their bodies up with water or air to look larger and more dangerous. That's why the shark appeared strangely bloated.

After taking some photos, the fishermen released the albino swellshark back into the sea. Let's hope the animal wasn't too spooked by the experience!




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