Poor pups: Young dogs that were stung by bees

These 13 pups let curiosity get the better of them and learned a very hard lesson: don't mess with bees! Those little insects might look like good playmates or even a meal, but they probably have a different opinion...

Whether a Dachshund...

... Golden Retriever, ...

... Boxer ...

... or Husky:

No one is safe from a bee sting.

A sting in the throat area can be very dangerous.

It can cause the airways to swell up and in severe cases can even lead to suffocation.

Always remove the stinger if possible.

Applying an ice pack can help to relieve the swelling.

But it's always best to have a veterinarian take a look to be on the safe side.

In severe cases the vet can give the dog a shot of cortisone or anti-allergy medication.

With a little TLC, that pup will be back on his four paws in no time. But for a while the swelling might make that poor pooch a bit hard to recognize.

Chances are that one good sting will be enough for them to learn their lesson: stay clear of those little yellow and black critters... they really pack a punch!

Most often a little bee sting may look really bad, but it's really nothing to worry about. All's well that ends well. 




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