Heartless: owner abandons pit bull covered in bee stings

Dogs are truly man's best friend and many stay loyal to their owners for their entire lives. Unfortunately, humans aren't always as true to their dogs; such was the case with Stinger. When this pit bull mix was just 10 months old, he was brought to a vet in the worst possible condition.

The dog's body was covered in hundreds of bee stings. Apparently, he'd run into a beehive and they swarmed, attacking him. It turned out the dog was allergic to bee stings, so his owner rushed him to the vet and left him there.

The vet office kept trying to get in touch with Stinger's owner during his treatments, but they had no luck — he'd been left for good. Thankfully, LuvnPupz, an animal protection agency from Michigan, heard Stinger's story and took him under their wing. However, his new caretakers got some bad news: not only was Stinger suffering from infected bee stings, he was also diagnosed with scabies. Carri Shipaila, founder of LuvnPupz, feared for the pit bull's life.

Even though he was weak and very ill, Stinger still managed to charm all the shelter employees. "Even when he was in pain, all he wanted to do was lay his head in my lap," said Carri. Thankfully, the love and attention Stinger received seemed to do the trick. He slowly started recovering from the attack and his illness. The cost of his treatments was sponsored by donors via the LuvnPupz website.

Stinger's recovery story was posted on Facebook. Viewers were able to see a gorgeous, gentle pup beneath all his puffy, inflamed skin.

It took no time at all for Stinger to find a new forever home; this time, his owner deeply loves the four-legged animal and will never abandon him.

Stinger's story has a happy ending because his rescuers didn't give up on him and gave him just what he needed most: love. Be kind to the animals in your life.


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