A woman recognized a photo of her stillborn child on Facebook

Just like thousands of other Australians every year, young mother Monica Taylor goes to the Royal Melbourne Show, an agricultural trade fair, to see the many stands and products. 

As she was wandering around the exhibits, she saw a crumpled up photograph lying on the ground. Curious, she picked it up. Monica instantly recognized the picture’s subject. It was a photo of a stillborn baby. 

Having herself gone through the painful experience of giving birth to a stillborn baby, Monica knew how much the person who lost the photo must have suffered. She also knew how much it must grieve that person to have lost the picture. 

Unfortunately, nothing was written on the picture itself that could help find the owner.

So when Monica arrived home she sent the trade fair’s lost-and-found office an email, but she didn’t leave it there. She decided not to simply wait until someone came forward, but to search actively herself.

She took a photograph of the picture and uploaded it to her Facebook page with an explanation. 


Within a few hours, her update had been shared 7,000 times by people all across Australia. Monica was speechless when she saw how much effort complete strangers went to to try and find the photograph's rightful owner. 

A short time later, she was able to announce on her page that the mother of the child recognized the picture on the internet and had contacted her. The crumpled up picture was the only memento that the woman had of her little daughter. Monica ensured that she got it back quickly.

Flickr/Kalle Gustafsson

Of all the people at the trade fair, the one who picked up the photograph was someone who immediately knew that its owner would be desperately searching for it. Then thousands of others helped return it to her. It’s a beautiful thing to see what’s possible when people act on their compassionate instincts.



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