Elderly couple dons old wedding garb for their 50th anniversary

Carole-Ann and Jim Stanfield from Tamworth, UK, met each other in 1962. They say it was love at first sight. He was enchanted by her blonde hair, she loved his sense of humor; the couple decided to tie the knot in 1966.

But what really sets this couple apart is that even after 50 years together, two children, and six grandchildren, they remain just as happy as they did on day one — or maybe even more so. The couple planned to have a celebration with friends and family to commemorate their golden wedding anniversary. One of their granddaughters asked if the now-elderly couple would wear their original wedding outfits to the party. The suit and white dress had been tucked away in the closet and Carole-Ann and Jim liked the idea of giving their guests a little surprise.

The guests were blown away by how wonderful the Standfields looked in their wedding garb. Most importantly, however, they were happy to see how completely in love the couple was. The secret to their marriage is clear, even though they have diverse interests and hobbies, they share a similar sense of humor!

Apparently, this couple thinks they would've never hit it off if they had been courting in the era of online dating. Most dating sites make matches based on shared interests, but these two just know how to make each other laugh. As a symbol of their love, they decided to add two golden hearts to the rings they've worn on their fingers for 50 years now.

Wow. They certainly look sharp in their suit and white dress. True love for evermore isn't just a fairy tale — it really does happen!

Let's hope they share many more happy years of laughs and love together. Cheers to Carole-Ann and Jim!


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