Half-sisters separated by adoption meet years later at school

Blood is thicker than water. This saying has special meaning for Staci and Jim Maneage from St. Peters, Missouri, who adopted 10-year-old Elliana after she had spent years in a Chinese orphanage.

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Coincidentally, another couple from their parish also adopted a young girl from China. Her name was Kinley and she was seven years old. The Galbierz family lived only a three-minute walk from the Maneages and the two girls went to the same school. Kinley and Elliana quickly became best friends.

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The two families began spending a lot of time together and the parents were always amazed at how similar the two girls were. They knew that they had come from two different cities in China, but they still couldn't help wondering if they were somehow related to one another. Considering the population of China, this was pretty unlikely. But not impossible...

Finally the Maneages couldn't stand it any longer. They had to know. That's when they came up with the idea of having DNA tests done.

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They knew it was a shot in the dark, but asked Steve and Paige Galbierz anyway. The couple were understandably skeptical, but didn't see the harm in having Kinley take a DNA test just to put the Maneage's suspicions to rest.

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When the results came back, both families couldn't believe the finding: it was 99.9% likely that the two girls were half-sisters!

It was a one-in-a-million coincidence. Separated by years and thousands of miles from their birthplace, fate had somehow brought these two siblings back together.

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You can watch the story of these two fortunate families in this video:

It's really quite amazing that these two sisters found each other again. And it's especially wonderful that they did it under such circumstances: each in a loving home with her long lost sister  just around the corner.


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