St. Patrick's revellers who haven't quite reached the pot o' gold

It's that time of year. Hoist a pint of green beer and head out to your local parade — but careful. You don't want to end up in any of these situations...

1. Seemed like such a good bar trick too. Of course, he'd already had a few pints right side up.

Irish man drinks a pint upside down

2. No... It's just not your look.

Aaron Go Bra

3. Heh.

7 course Irish meal

4. Um, yeah.

MRW my friend tells me St. Patrick is "The Best Irish Saint Ever!"

5. When "sick" means "whoops"...

Irish staffer calls in 'sick' on 18th March. Gets what he deserves

6. Of course.

It started getting windy at the Irish festival. This is how one vendor kept his shirts from blowing away

7. A noble medical tradition.

Irish flu shots

8. With great pomp and ceremony...

Waterford has really upped it's St Patrick's Day game...

9. Jesus, Mary and Joseph, no.

Krispy Kreme is making green donuts today for St. Patrick's ,and I just think they look like green buttholes - a Shrektum, if you will.

10. Boaty McWho?

An Irish airline just named one of their new planes.

11. What cheek!

One-legged leprechaun caught bent over taking a dump

12. And where are the Jedi to protect parade-goers?!

Celtic storm trooper attending the 2013 Detroit St. Patrick's Day Parade

13. "It was fun but maybe I overdid it."

The day after St Patrick's day

14. Some people really don't appreciate criticism.

Never tell an Irish bartender your Guinness isn't filled to the top...

15. Ouch.

Found in an Irish pub

16. Let us know when you've mastered it.

How to speak Irish

17. "Kiss me, I'm Norwegian" just doesn't have the same ring to it.

When you're not really Irish, but still want to sneak into to the Paddy Party

18. Oh no! Me pot o' gold!

Skating Leprechaun

19. Time to get the cat a bell for its collar.

He caught us a Leprechaun

20. At least he's honest.

Sign in a shop window in Ireland, the day after St. Patrick's day

And then sometimes people have bad luck BEFORE St. Paddy's Day — and without even being Irish... ;-)

Happy St. Patrick's Day!


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