British artist paints 3,200 naked people blue for a photo

Before the sun even came up, 3,200 people arrived in the British town of Hull and then took off all of their clothes. It sounds weird, but they had a really good reason. American artist  Spencer Tunick  was in town working on his latest project. Tunick is famous for his art installations using naked crowds of people, and for this one all of the volunteers would be covered from head to toe in blue paint.

The roads were closed from midnight until 10:00am so that the artist could fill the streets with the vibrant volunteers. Tunick was inspired by the dynamic between the human body and public spaces. "The natural, soft, vulnerable body that's up against the concrete world – it creates a dynamic that interests me," said the artist.

He also explained the meaning behind the photos, "It's the idea that the bodies and humanity is flooding the streets." The blue crowd was to be representative of the rising sea levels caused by climate change, as well as a reflection of Hull's maritime history.

"I knew the experience itself was going to be great," said one of the volunteers, "but the point when you had to get naked in front of lots of people was terrifying. Actually, within minutes it felt normal." It only took a shower or two for the volunteers to turn from Smurfs back into humans...

... and it was definitely worth it — the photos are absolutely breathtaking!


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