Abandoned dog's hair was so matted, its leg got stuck to its ear

Warning: This article contains images that some viewers may find disturbing.

A small Lhasa Apso dog was found wandering the streets of Leeds, England, in a really bad state. The poor little creature was in such a bad way that it was hard to even tell whether it was a dog or not.

The helpless, abandoned dog was clearly in a lot of pain. His coat was so matted, his leg became stuck to its ear and his fur started to peel away from his skin, especially around his eyes.

He was given the appropriate nickname Soldier by the shelter’s team that found him. Heidi Jenner, chief inspector at the RSPCA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals), said, "I can easily say this is the worst case of matted fur that I've ever seen. When you first see the pictures of little Soldier you can't even tell he's a dog, let alone what breed he is."

Soldier was suffering so much, he needed to be anesthetized so the veterinary staff could shave off his coat. He was then kept in for three days under close observation.

"This poor dog must have been left without any grooming for months to get into such a state," Heidi added.

After his coat was successfully shaved off, Soldier was taken in by a foster family.

It’s hard to believe that an owner could be so neglectful, having not groomed their pet in so many months and then abandoning him so heartlessly. In the end, it was Soldier's own coat that had caused him such severe pain. Such inhuman acts should be severely punished – leaving a small and defenseless domesticated pet, without the necessary instincts to survive on its own out on the streets, is just plain wrong. Soldier's carers weren't sure he would recover, but when he started to eat again, this gave them hope he was a brave survivor. Let's hope so — keep soldiering on little Soldier!




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